what is Ameritas dental network ?

we have looks Ameritas dental network at em pink which is done here which is used here for the general part of that denture the bite is secured with another composite so that we can easily remove the later on when we use this denture to take the bite.

Ameritas dental network
Ameritas dental network

I apologize I have a little bit hay fever so if you see me or hear me blowing my nose I apologize deeply but it’s summer and.

the pollen are flying so next step it was was that we next step was that we again duplicated the the original denture into .

A drilling template and then thanks to David M Lama who did the camera in this case and we just did a normal crystal incision and a vertical incision in the position one six two six and it always looks a little brutal but we have to

Make sure that there’s no peritoneum left on the bone so that is extremely important as we know that we will have to place bone augmentation so to have .

a really clean bone is of vital importance then we have the drilling template the drilling template we produce in a way that it gives us a little bit freedom where to place the implants most importantly

The frontal implants they have to place in a way that the lateral screw access is politely of the inside ledge and then we just drill rounds-per-minute cold with sodium chlorine .

The usual stuff we mark the positions of the implants and

The second premolar and the latter incisor check again if our pilot drill has the right direction and then bit by bit we prepared

  • the implant cavity as I said rounds-per-minute and zero for nine sodium chloride cooling there is a small hole towards .
  • The spin and as Al’s anterior you will see that later on this is for a guide which we use for the lateral implants you can use it for .
  • The frontal implants as well but I think is fairly easy to place two implants parallel to one another good Berber before a drill .
  • I always double-check the length of the implant if I got that right and then we planned as I said we planned to millimeter length implants.
  • we go here right up to the nasal floor and try to reduce thickness of the bone there a little bit.
  • Without damaging the soft tissue in the nose you’ll see later on because our aim will be to fix the implants in the very compact bone of .
  • The nasal floor and give them additional stability so this is just a very simple way of checking if you’ve done a good job with the implant direction and you can see.