Where this Explorer is I’ll put my topical anesthetic if I feel like¬†Dental Insurance Michigan the patient doesn’t like the sensation of the pressure from the probe then I’m gonna take my car McCain in Dental Insurance Michigan¬†my syringe and I’m gonna go right to that same spot and I will add one drop of.

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Dental Insurance Michigan

The crab Kane here and then go right ahead and propel that site so a drop of crab Kane is wonderful because it’s really just controlling the tissue response the bone won’t have a response to.

The micros D or perforation so now the depths that we’re going obviously once we have our topical and or our drop of crab Kane we’re ready to perform our technique and the depth is determined by the thickness of the bone so we do have to break the cortical bone so we’ve got to get through that cortical bone we have to get past it.

Which means we have to get to a certain thickness and through the tissue and through that bone so we’re going to show you a chart in a minute that I’ll give you those deaths but the idea is anywhere from two millimeters to let’s say seven millimeters is the depth I would tell you most of my cases are treated between three and four millimeters of depth and .

We’ll show you those charts as we get to them okay so most patients require one to two treatments a complex case might get to three if we have to set up a basic chart we would say a mild orthodontic case or condition would require one treatment a moderate orthodontic case or treatment my or condition might reafforestation.