full coverage dental insurance were using that particular technology back in full coverage dental insurance the well mid eighties before screw-type implants were we were brought into the picture and you can see I’ve done a lot of.

full coverage dental insurance
full coverage dental insurance

this sort of screw-top procedures as well to single multiple full arch all sorts of different techniques so you know having had lots of experience with including this sort of screw type of implants for over dentures and sinus lifts etc it was a refreshing change when

I found out about mini implants I have to say that with many implants there’s just no question about it there’s no need to go into the complexities of surgery and flaps and all the rest of it to place these foundations for our patients it was in that

I found out about this these little implants and for me it was the start of an amazing new modality and this was a first patient who needed this treatment a lady was years of age and unfortunately she was she had a pacemaker and was on warfarin so

The anticoagulant she was on basically made it impossible for me to contemplate doing a full flap from canine to the tuberosity area they said to place conventional implants so I basically found out about these when I found out about the mini implants I said to her we can do something or can place these implants in for you and build a bridge and

That’s the same patient as you can see him so going back let’s go back for a second there she is and all she was sort of had was a good being condemned to a very large acrylic partial denture and no and of course I couldn’t flap her to do

The conventionals because of the bleeding problems who would have had so there’s a bridge that bridge basically goes around from canine all the way around to the posterior molar region and that lasted her her entire lifetime the age of or

When she passed away so to me that was a gratifying thing to be able to achieve a lovely outcome for him and in her final years of life now this is the sort of thing we can do for all our patients and variably in my area of Sydney it’s the.