As is the case for everyone, it is very likely that you too, from the last time you have been to the dentemax , will remember the pain felt and the cost of the performance. It is not a novelty that in Italy the dentist has now become a luxury, and more and more people, also because of the Dentemax Insurance, are literally doing without dental treatment with obvious repercussions more or less serious on the health and beauty of their body .

How does a dentemax policy work?

And to think that a dental policy would be enough to put yourself on the safe side , with a few euros a month, from different types of expenses related to the care of your dentist.

The covers provided by the dental policies

A dental expenses policy can provide different types of coverage. There is the dental expenses policy which provides for the reimbursement of all the expenses incurred for its insured persons regardless of the type of service provided, ie dental law , orthodontics or even dental interventions.

dentemax insurance
dentemax insurance

In this first case we also talk about the policy with reimbursement of dental expenses because in practice it is the insured himself to anticipate the costs incurred in their own pockets, with the awareness of asking for full or partial reimbursement (depending on the terms of service included in the contract) to your insurance company.

Alternatively, a dental policy may include the possibility of accessing a predefined set of free services, or, again in free mode, dental services but only in certain facilities.

The cost of a dentemax policy

How much should a dental policy cost ? To determine this, one must think that on average one person in a year spends about 120 euros in dental expenses and therefore the cost of the policy, to be convenient, must certainly be lower and not less than this figure, especially if it is a refund policy medical expenses .

Returning to the costs: dealing at the end in all respects of a health policy (even if sew generics), the same applies to dental policies that generally applies to this type of insurance online , namely to put different health insurance in comparison , and to carefully analyze the estimate of the health policy (in this case of “dental” type) that is proposed to us.

Check, in addition to the cost, what are the services repaid, what is the percentage of reimbursement and finally what is the procedure to access the reimbursement (advance of expenses or expenses incurred directly by the insurance).