Orthodontics and sometimes major services are just excluded altogether so crowns bridges dentures now why would they be excluded what do those things low cost dental have in common yep we have an answer from the audience money those are higher dollar procedures so of course an insurance company if they can avoid paying for the high dollar procedures then they can keep your monthly premium low and you feel happy because your monthly premium is low but you’re not really getting everything that you might want or need to get so just always be aware that there are exclusions and you want to know what they are before you choose that plan there are also going to be frequency limitations okay certain types of procedures they’ll say well yeah we’ll cover that but we’re only going to cover

It when we want to essentially the most common ones are bitewing x-rays which is the little x-rays we take two on each side of your mouth and those are to look for decay between the teeth that you can’t see with the naked a tie most plans pay for those only once a year the panoramic x-ray the big x-ray that goes all the way around your mouth or you stand in the little machine and we say be really really still don’t move and that takes that picture they’ll pay for that every three or sometimes five years sealants the little clear coating that we put on the biting surface of the molars and premolars to hopefully prevent you from getting cavities there they’re paid once per tooth every three to five years fluoride application used to be twice a year that was just standard across the board every kid in

America is getting fluoride twice a year they’ve figured out that if they cut that in half and only pay for it once a year their cost goes way down right so we’re starting to see a lot more plans that only pay once a year when they used to pay twice deep  cleaning that’s just kind of our common term for scaling and root planing which is just a fancy way of saying cleanings for people who have gum disease