vision and dental insurance

vision and dental insurance game that’s a loaded question I love it  I love it but it’s it’s got a lot of layers to it so first thing that comes  to mind is that we tend to hire people that don’t have vision and dental insurance a lot of  dental experience or minimal experience because  the price tag that comes with them is attractive and I’m not saying that that’s that’s the wrong thought.

vision and dental insurance

process vision and dental insurance that’s a young business owners process  so I can’t fault you for that what you have to understand though is that when you’re dealing with contracts and you know your license on the line dentist insurance and that  sort of thing you don’t want someone that is completely fresh off the street unless you commit to getting them the correct training to making sure

they take classes vision and dental insurance to making sure they have an  accurate code book I’m talking to one doctor right now I’m sorry one office manager right now and the doctor won’t even buy them a code book dentist insurance because she says the codes are in the computer and that’s all she needs  and that’s that is not long how it is yeah so I mean I understand that the costs are

big the student loans are big best dental insurance the the build-out costs are big you see all those numbers but one one place I wouldn’t scrimp is just making sure they  have the resources and and then give them given little patience for this so not patients that we see but get have a little patience when when they’re learning this this insurance stuff is not easy

right it’s a struggle to stay on top of it for me  so  vision and dental insurance imagine somebody who’s you know busy all day and having to catch all of these errors it’s it’s just not easy so I think going in with expectations that somebody can go in learn it and get it done is I think that’s the first fallacy that that I run into yeah we see that a  lot you know you know we’re the first

things that we looked at whenever we started our dentist insurance company cuz we know talked about on the podcast we we used to be an outsourced CFO company for dental practices so that was kind of the reason I thought hey I want to learn a lot about insurance stuff because there’s a  lot of opportunity to help out a lot of practices I know that there’s gotta be a

lot of errors that are occurring inside of this vision and dental insurance ecosystem and you know one of the things we also looked at with staffing cost and we know we try to get these certain percentages correct as far as how much of our revenue should be going  to our staff and things like that and initially we had the incorrect assumption that the way to do that is to you know make sure you’re not